These are rules for this community

Insta-ban will be given for:

  • Any form of racism, homophobic or trash talk.
  • Any form of hacking / cheating / exploiting.
  • Not being Chill.
  • Keep the game enjoyable for others. Remind your fellow survivors about this.
  • Help your fellow survivors! <3
  • Don't block access to public places with buildings, turrets, or dinos. Public places include: important resource spots (i.e. the vulcano), Spawn points, Obelisks, and Artifact caves. Drops and Explorer notes are NOT protected spaces. If in doubt, it is probably protected.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • No mass land grab.
  • No Pillar/foundation spamming.
  • No Griefing

Breaking into bases is allowed, this does not mean you can decimate every single structure and delete all their stuff doing this is considered greifing and will result in a ban.

RULES!!! (Every report of a player needs valid proof. Ex: Screenshot or video.)

  1. No undermeshing, glitching, abusing or cheating.

  2. No racism, sexism, or harassing of any kind.[this includes usernames]

  3. No using dinos to destroy structures.[exceptions TekSaddles, CaptainBlackBoulder](Turrets are structures...)

  4. No random turrets anywhere on the map (Yes to kill boss dinos but turn off gen or pick up after)

  5. Pick up your fobs after a raid

  6. 30 Min knock/cuff/cage timer

  7. No Spawning bosses to raid or spam bosses(this counts for any spawnable creature)

  8. No turrets or shields on saddles

  9. No glitching stats, banned on the spot

  10. No using indestructible floating islands to block anything [you may not use them on land, you may not use them in water, you may not make holes!](failure to follow these rules will get your islands deleted)NO USEING FLOATING ISLANDS TO RAID!!!

  11. no raiding with drones [you will be diino wiped]

  12. cant believe i got to do this on a 1000x server but no in-siding what so ever...